The industry has shrinking options for hazmat certified trucking

Since 9/11, the regulations and compliance necessary to haul dangerous goods has pushed many carriers out of this market. At Starship, we have been fortunate to maintain a healthy roster of Hazmat certified carriers for our domestic and cross border clients.

The most common dangerous goods transported are in the fuel, oil and non-metal element categories. Our customers’ requirements are in areas of more widely used commodities like pool chemicals, paints, thinners, and other industrial chemicals.

Due diligence and regular training

Dangerous goods training, certification and re-certifications makes the management of our Hazmat certified carriers a more rigorous procedure. We have a high understanding of today’s regulations and do regular checks to ensure carrier compliance within our network. It has always been part of our service mix and we see it continuing as our customers rely on us for the transport of these specialized commodities.