Employee Wellness

We believe in providing a fun, positive, rewarding and safe working environment for each and every employee.

Dependable & Reliable

At Starship, we are always ready and available to provide quick and accurate services.


We treat others as we expect to be treated; with courtesy, politeness and kindness. We encourage, listen and are open to everyone’s opinions and ideas.


We accept and are personally accountable for our actions. We as a team are prepared, and committed to giving 100% every day. Together we are ethical, honest, trustworthy, sincere and hard working. We do the right thing, not the easy thing.


We are passionate and dedicated to the services that we provide, as well as our mission to achieve greatness.

Growth Mindset

We are open to change and always looking for ways to improve our company and ourselves. We are always seeking better ways to expand our knowledge and performance. Our industry is evolving and ever changing, we aim to be ahead of the trends.


We believe in the power of sponsoring and supporting charitable organizations in our community to create positive change and growth for future generations. We look forward to donating and volunteering to the many organizations we support each year and are always looking for new ways to give back.