We specialize in over the road transport and delivering as promised

What’s important to you in choosing a transportation provider? With 3 decades of experience, we have a pretty good idea and have implemented and refined our processes to deliver on these 5 promises to perform:

1. You need someone that knows you and your business requirements and you want to be able to reach them when you need them. We hear you!

We provide a dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) for every account. If your primary CSR is unavailable for any reason, we have a team familiar with all your needs that can assist you immediately. After hours is no problem… you have 24/7 access via phone and email to our on call after hours team. And by the way, we are fluent in both English and French languages. When you call for a quote or information – we strive to be back to you within the hour!

2. You shipped 4 skids last Friday for Monday delivery. You expect the same price for the same shipment this Friday. We hear you!

Some brokers can change their price with every call and every customer. We look at our relationship with a long term view and create consistency in our pricing to allow you to better manage your costs. If it’s the same freight and the same criteria… it’s the same price.

3. You have regular LTL and Truckload activity along with seasonal surges and special circumstances. You want to reduce the number of calls/emails you need to complete to get the job done. You want to simplify your work day. We hear you!

Starship has developed a great partner carrier network that allows us to flex easily with your changing requirements.

4. You need detailed reporting, immediate access to real-time shipment information and EDI capabilities. We hear you!

Starship has always been ahead of the curve with our investment in technology. After all, we act as a seamless link with your transportation procurement and traffic departments. Keeping our customers in the loop, their way, is our promise to you.

5. You don’t want to deal with incorrect billing, missed appointments, claims or other elements that add grief to your day. We hear you!

We are a service company first but we also have the right people and processes in place to provide consistent quality delivery of your LTL and Truckload requirements throughout Canada and the USA. Our technology is current and our systems automated to deliver your goods and all related information in a timely and precise fashion. Appointment deliveries are a strong suit at Starship.